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Head Injuries

Cases involving head injuries are unlike other workers' compensation cases. These injuries are so varied and unpredictable that each case requires a unique approach.

Head injuries can have an obvious impact, with a victim left comatose or permanently incapacitated.

In other cases, the impact may be life-changing, but not quite as severe. The victim may suffer from vision problems or headaches.

However, in many cases, the impact of a head injury is subtle.  There may be no visible damage at all. Instead, the injuries may lead to problems making decisions, problems doing math, problems with memory or other similar cognitive issues. Sometimes, the victim doesn't notice these problems right away.

No matter what type of head injury your case involves, you can be confident that our lawyers have the experience to assess the compensation you will need now and in the future.

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Workers' Compensation for Head Injuries

Have you suffered a head injury at work? Do you need help pursuing workers' compensation?

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Often, head injuries are subtle … problems with decision making, doing math, remembering, sleeping, mood and personality changes.

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