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Step 1: Report your injury

To assert your rights in a workers' compensation claim, Illinois workers' compensation laws require that you report your injury to your employer within 30 days.  There are some exceptions.  

If you think you missed the deadline, call Keefe & Griffiths, PC immediately.  

Once reported, you will have the opportunity to see a doctor of your choice.

Step 2: File your claim

In most cases, you have up to two years (sometimes three or more) to file a claim for Illinois workers' compensation benefits.

Additionally, you may want to seek additional benefits, such as:

Step 3: Attend your workers' compensation hearing

Workers' compensation hearings take place at various locations throughout Illinois. Hearings can address a wide range of issues, including the following:

People who have already been through the process can also schedule hearings if they need to restart benefits that have been cut off, request additional medical care or address other issues.

While these are fairly informal hearings conducted by an arbitrator, the rules of evidence do apply, so this step should be handled with the help of an experienced workers' compensation lawyer. The employer and insurer always have an attorney, they are required to.  You should level the playing field and have an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side.

Step 4: Appeal the decision

If workers' compensation benefits are denied, or insufficient benefits are granted, Illinois law allows 30 days to appeal the decision to the Illinois Industrial Commission.

If the outcome remains unsatisfactory, Keefe & Griffiths, PC can represent you in further appeals in the Illinois state court system.

An Important Note About Our Fees

Many people who suffer an injury at work wait too long to enlist the help of an experienced workers' compensation attorney. They wait until something goes wrong because they are worried about the cost.

With Keefe & Griffiths, PC, you never have to worry about cost. We handle all cases on a contingency basis, which means we receive a percentage of the total compensation you are awarded. This amount will be the same whether you enlist us at the very start or whether you wait until the last minute.

By hiring us now to help you through the Illinois workers' compensation process, we can make sure that everything is handled properly from the beginning.  In addition, our skilled attorneys have experience helping clients obtain workers' compensation in Missouri.  Regardless of which state you live or work in, we can help you get the compensation you need as soon as possible.

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