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Any type of injury or disease can occur in the workplace.  The burden is on the injured employee to prove the diagnosis and that it was caused by work.  Sometimes, that’s not so easy.  It nearly always requires expert testimony and careful legal management.  Increasingly, employers and their insurance companies get their doctors to say that an employee’s problem is not work related.  It requires legal expertise and good contacts in the medical community to overcome those positions.

We Handle All Cases on a Contingency Basis

You are not required to pay a retainer or advance any costs in the handling of your case.  Our fee is a percentage of what we recover for you.  We get paid when you do.  People with attorneys get more benefits and higher settlements when they are injured.

Keefe & Griffiths, PC provides competent, comprehensive counsel to injured workers.  Contact us today by phone at 314.241.7243, or e-mail us, for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

Issues involving unemployment, social security disability, SSI, liens from health insurance companies, long- and short-term disability, ERISA, ADA, FMLA, divorce divisions, bankruptcy, future medical care, and numerous other problems complicate the proper handling of a workers’ compensation case.  Further, workers’ compensation laws vary from state to state.  Keefe & Griffiths, PC handles cases in Missouri and Illinois.

The first worker’s compensation laws in the U.S. were passed more than 100 years ago.  The workers’ compensation system represents a compromise between workers and their employers.  Under these laws, workers are guaranteed benefits for work injuries, regardless of who was at fault.  In exchange, employers are guaranteed that the amount of the recoveries will be limited, and there will be no jury trials.

Injured workers are guaranteed medical care, lost time benefits, and settlements.  But they give up the right to sue their employer and ask a jury to award damages.

Workers’ Compensation is Complicated

It all sounds simple, but it isn’t.  Hundreds of issues arise in workers’ compensation cases, and it requires experience and expertise to navigate the system to get the best possible results for medical care, lost time and settlements.  There are many procedural issues as well, including filing the correct claims on time, methods of investigation and information gathering, consulting experts, taking depositions, taking cases to trial, going up on appeal, and dozens of other steps in the proper handling of a case.  The insurance company will have an attorney to represent them in these matters, and you should too.

SSD, SSI, CMS, liens, long- and short-term disability, ADA, FMLA, ERISA, union agreements, Medicare, Medicaid … all complicate work comp cases.  We can help you understand the issues.

Overview of the Workers’ Compensation System